A Venture House

A venture house that puts ideas into motion

A Platform to Build

Companies that solve everyday problems

Powers the growth through

Design thinking & Lean Startup methodologies

Driving odds of success for Startups

A platform to accelerate company building process.

To drive innovation in company building we go beyond simply launching a “New Ventures House” or investing in established startups.

Our Services
A Game Changer

Our startup-building processes are tuned the right way enhancing the odds of success of our clients in a world where 9 out of 10 startups fail.

Ecosystem to power growth

Dizit ecosystem provides all the elements a great company needs: team, capital, business model innovation and full-throttle execution.


End-to-End Venture Services

Developing ideas into products & products into companies.

Our innovative startup building processes assists startups, entrepreneurs and senior management through the challenging process of building and growing startups. Dizit works with limited number of startups only where we can make a difference.

We partner with starups and investors to develop solutions for every day problems using emerging technologies and innovative business models.

Full-stack Venture Services
Portfolio of Services

We work with founders to turn ideas into viable ventures and will save entrepreneurial burnout

Dizit’s full-stack of venture services aids startups to scale from 20 to 500 employees

We become handy when our clients want to focus on product and growth and not operations.

We make strategic investments in emerging startups to scale their operations.


Scale @ Dizit

A Platform to scale operations and accelerate growth.

We partner with startups and investors to create exponential growth on their key initiatives & growth strategies to reach their full potential. Our startup-scaling processes are tuned the right way enabling clients to achieve high levels of cost-efficiency and shorten cycle time. We address the shortage of human capital by working with founders, management and investors.

Dizit’s full-stack of venture services aids startups to scale from 20 to 500 employees.

Build your firm


Accelerate @ Dizit

Dizit’s venture services accelerates startup growth.

Dizit's playbook enables acceleration of the company building process with more speed and agility than traditional venture models. Our growth enabling services accelerate company building process by adding important time-advantage against competitors that use more conventional business methodologies.

Our teams are extremely focused on a dedicated startup. Our “hyper-specialized” teams enable our clients to solve faster than their internal operations.

Advantages @ Dizit



Our dedicated team will assist your firm to build your products & services. Our partnership will shorten development cycles.



Dizit team can compliment your team efforts to test your business models & products/services to validate demand curves.



Our full-stack of venture services enable our clients to accelerate their growth plans. It’s a collaborative effort to be part of their growth journey.



Dizit’s transactional support services team will assist clients with their fundraising, M&A and strategic investment efforts.

Advantages that accelerate company building process
  • Platform to scale operations and accelerate growth
  • A strategic tool in your startups growth strategy
  • Ability to quickly test new products & business models
  • Bring high levels of cost-efficiencies
  • Flexibility of resource allocation
  • Hyper-specialized teams dedicated to each startup

Drive innovations in Digital services

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We are creating an ecosystem that supports our clients to their growth plans. Our suite of services offers new capabilities, efficiencies and cost savings that can help bottom lines of Digital services firms and fintech startups.


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